Television was introduced in 1957 in Hungary. The transmission in color was brought for the 1st time in 1971 in the country. The country had 1 television channel before 1973. It was in the mid 1990s when commercial and private broadcasters were introduced in the country.

M1 (M Egy) is a television channel operated and owned by Magyaar Televízió. It is also shown in high definition. It has a transmission receiving of approximately 97% and is the most watched national channel of Hungary. The free live TV online is also available throughout the country.

Following are some of the notable shows of M1 that are broadcasted in Hungary:-

• Ablak
• Panorama – foreign affairs
• Reggeli – breakfast program
• Delta – science technology magazine
• Híradó – news program.

Duna Televízió or Duna TV is one of the two public television services operating in Hungary. Duna is the Hungarian name for Danuble. Duna TV operates two channels – Duna World and Duna

Duna TV had been funded from television license fees imposed on owners of television sets. The government abolished the fee in July 2002. More than 80% of Duna TV’s funding is secured be the state budget nowadays with the remaining acquired from television selling.

Echo TV is a conservative channel of Hungary operated and owned by Echo Hungária TV Zrt and was founded in 2005 to broadcast news. It is now focused on public affairs and news broadcasting. Echo TV has been under controversial attention for its association with politics in Hungary.