Television broadcasting began in 1951 in Argentina along with the inaugural of state owned Canal 7 at that time. Color television broadcasting began after 1978 when the government launched ATC now known as Canal 7 which is the principal public television station in Argentina. The cable television has been increasing widely since the first CATV transmitter that was opened in Junin in 1965.

Argentina has been using the Japanese stand ISDB-T with the changes implemented by Brazil. Argentina and Brazil are having an agreement where both countries have agreed to share information, researches and efforts to choose the same Digital TV standard.

On August 27, 2009, the government of Argentina officially announced to use Japanese standard along with Peru and Chile. The reason behind this step was to reach a high quality, free and wide regional TC. The top TV broadcasters including Telefe and El Trece had been showing some sample digital broadcasts at media sector shots i.e. CAPER exhibition.

Canal 9 is one of the widely available national networks in Argentina based in Buenos Aires. It is a general entertainment section which presents soap operas, news, movies and talk shows. In August 20,2002, Azul Television changed to its original Canal 9 name as both stake were sold to JP Morgan by Prime Minister and Telefónica stake were sold to a society led by media businessman and journalist Daniel Hadad. In Dec 2007, he sold the network to Miguel Ángel González, a Mexican investor under his group Albavisión. Hadad sold 80% of it and took charge of editorial content for the news programs but later exited the remaining stake.

TV Pública Digital is another Argentine online live TV channel owned by the public. It started broadcasting in 1951. The programming schedule for this network is varied. The resulting output includes a lot of educational and cultural programs. It shows its own news service, with new programs branded Visión Siete and another program Fútbol para todos (Football for all) which started in the year 2009. All the rights are held by Argentine Primera División and Primera B Nacional matches.