Korea, South

There are a huge number of national television networks in South Korea, the 3 largest of all are MBC, KBS and SBS. The major television studios are situated on Yeouido. South Korea turned out to be the 3rd adopter in Asia when the television broadcasting started in May 1956.

The significant genres of television shows include historical dramas, game shows, serial dramas, variety shows, news programs and documentaries. All the three networks have produced tremendously lavish historical dramas in the past years. A few television programs of South Korea are also broadcasted in North America via satellite and multicultural channels.

Korean television drams have been gaining an excellent fame in other South East Asian and East Asian countries. The entire sets of DVDs of series are available in Asian countries with different language subtitles. Moreover, shopping channels have also become quite reputable in recent years and the models occasionally put on entertaining acts during the course of product pitches. The live TV streaming is also focused in the country.

EBS (or Education Broadcasting System) is the sole educational radio and television network focusing on the territory of South Korea. Furthermore, it is the single major South Korean television and radio network without a separate regional service. It targets to supplement school education and boosts education for everyone in the country. PBS, BBC Two and BBC Four are the major counter part of this network.

• EBS TV – A terrestrial channel focused on premium documentaries, young and pre-school programs.

• EBS FM - A channel focuses majorly on language learning.

• EBSe – It is the network’s English focused education channel, targeting children from kindergarten to 12 grade.