Korea, North

Television in North Korea is managed and broadcasted by the Central Broadcasting Committee of Korea, previously known as Radio and Television Committee of the DPRK. TV and radio sets in North Korea are provided with pre tuned Chinese radios which can receive foreign stations.

There are for major television stations in the country:-

• Korean Central TV
• Korean Education and Cultural Network
• Mansudae Television (cultural station available to people in Pyongyang)
• Kaesong Television (targets South Korea).

State television is mainly off until 05:00 pm evening news broadcasts except in emergency cases, live events or Sundays where it starts at 06:00 am.

All the broadcast media favors the regime’s positions and ideologies and consistently condemns actions by Japan, Israel, South Korea, China, United States and other countries. The media in the recent years has been condemning the United States, and its position against the nuclear program of the country.

KCTV (or Korean Central Television) is a state television broadcaster in North Korea, situated in the capital city of Pyongyang. KCTV is the sole official source of television news for people in North Korea. The live TV online feature is also accessible throughout North Korea.

Korean Central Television is an important part of the Korean Central Broadcasting System, the state owned media network of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, and is part of its television arm of three television stations.