Television in Croatia was introduced in 1956. By 2012, there are 10 national and 21 regional Digital Video Broadcasting – Terrestrial (DVB-T) television channels along with more than 30 other channels produced in Croatia or for the market in Croatia. These channels are then broadcasted via Internet Protocol Television (IPTV), satellite television or cable.

Croatian Post and Electronic Communications Agency (HAKOM) regulate the electronic communications market in Croatia. The Croatian Post and Electronic Communications Agency provides broadcast licenses and reviews the market. The satellite transmission infrastructure and DVB-T is established and regulated by the state owned company OiV (Odašilja?i i veze). The free live streaming TV has been showing up across the country in the recent times.

HRT 1 is a public mainstream TV channel in Croatia and is operated by HRT. It consists of all types of programming featuring history, mosaic, sitcoms, talk shows, documentary, school, news, movies as well as game shows.

The top news program broadcasted is mentioned as follows:-

• Vijesti news runs at 10:00, 12:00, 14:00, 17:00 and 23:00.
• Dossier HR news features politics magazine and news.
• Dneynik focuses on main news at 19:30.
Following are the most notable entertainment programs being featured at HRT 1.
• TV Bingo – a national lottery show.
• Just The Two of US – a singing reality show.
• Friday night – a variety show.
• Uistom loncy – a popular cooking show.
• Strictly Come Dancing – a top quality dancing reality show.

Nova TV is a commercial television network in Croatia that started its operations in Nov, 2000. It has been the first commercial television network with national aid in Croatia since 2004 and is entirely owned by the Central European Media Enterprises.

Following are some of the internationally created shows currently being aired on Nova TV.

• Mosuno
• Winx Club
• Nikita
• Elveda Derken
• Sheena
• Ninja Warriors
• Gormitti “The Invincible Lords of Nature”
• Pinky and the Brain