Television was started in 1957 in Chile and is one of the major mass media in the country. There are around 63 broadcast stations around the country and the broadcast television system used in Chile is NTSC.

National Television Council (CNTV) is the primary regulator of television content in Chile. Ministry of Transportation and Telecommunications monitors the technical issues by means of the Undersecretariat of Telecommunications.

As of Sep, 2011, there are 1,138,718 cable television subscribers (55.3 Percent) and 921,490 satellite television subscribers (44.7 percent). The rate of household penetration for satellite television and cable stays around 40.4 percent till Sep, 2011.

87 Percent of households in Chile had at least one color television according to the 2002 census. Based on the Nov-Dec 2011 poll throughout the nation by CEP, 88.6 Percent of households in Chile had at least one color television set. 60 Percent of households owning at least one color TV mentioned they had satellite or cable television.

Canal 13 is the 2nd oldest television station in Chile. It is owned by Luksic Group. There has been an increase demand for Canal 13 as reported by major satellite and cable service providers in Canada. The network also regulates the 5 channels in Chile with Canal 13 being the most watched channel of 2012 on Chilean TV. TV live streaming is being offered by the notable TV networks in Chile.

UCV Television is the oldest TV channel in Chile, founded on October 5, 1957. The headquarters are located in Viña del Mar where it shows on channel 4 VHF. It also owns VHF stations in Cohaique, Puerto Montt and La Serena.

The news is aired 4 times a day. Drama TV comedies, WWE Raw, infomercials, documentaries and some small TV shows are also shown on this channel. It has recently came into an agreement with Canal 13 to re-air some of the Canal 13’s programs like Villa Dulce.